Pride and Prejudice (2005): A Commentary

I could tear curtains over Keira Knightley’s skin
The blush on her cheeks is like flowers
and no one cares she wears floor length gowns
because her skin is milk

Darcy, use your voice
She says exactly what she means
Sentences sit under her tongue
timing their appearance to the longest hand
on the clock

“I wonder who first discovered
the power of poetry
in driving away love?”

When she walks she has voltage,
a tilt of her chin
and she matters
Floating from heel to heel you watch
as if you’re seeing marble sculptures
play sport

I would follow her room to room
as well Darcy, but I’d rather be her
than dance with her, I’d rather have her problems
than marry her
because when she walks in a room men have to stand

But I don’t want to walk beside her I want her step
     and the eyes that watch her
I want her voice and I want her words
     and to look that good in the rain


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