My Online Sleep Diary

You are built for ruined people

but glitch

at the first checkpoint of abnormality. Ten hours is a lot

I know.

That’s why I’m here, typing shameful digits

into your empty little boxes.

Four hours isn’t enough

I know.


You’re the one that’s electric.

You can hum





I lull

into a cinematic haze

where shadows coat each eye like a second lid

and I stay there for hours

ticking off all the ways

I could die:

          I could stop breathing

          roofs collapse

          beats stop beating

          people don’t know why trees fall

          and crush them while they sleep

I check my pulse more times than I have fingers.


I’m surrounded by you.

They have pink skin

and purple veins but

they can hum




just by telling themselves

          “I’m simple”

          “I’m tired”

          “I’m unconscious”

Z’s flow from their lips

like cigarette smoke.


You slept over ten hours

You slept under four

“Is this correct?”



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