Rocket Girl

A collage of Tavi Gevinson Takes Centre Stage by Claire Marie Healy and If Only We Had Taller Been by Ray Bradbury – none of these lines are my own, they’ve been taken and rearranged. 

it is about becoming a girl possessed

we’d reach our hands to touch and almost touch the sky

though right in front of us, the girls feel far away and unknowable,

among those turned backs, though you wouldn’t know it yet, is

restricted adolescence

our reach was never quite enough

like any other 20-year-old on a Friday afternoon in New York

i send my rockets forth between my ears

hoping an inch of Good is worth a pound of years

she smiles at the idea

for some eight years now:

an ongoing conversation with herself

to diaries of brain-dust left over from dreams

“just figuring it out,”

the thing that no one wants to hear

“this is actually bad journalism,” she sighs

next year seems less achievable than inevitable

Short man, Large dream

rockets forth between my ears

navigating New York’s romantic landscape,

making your adolescent rage heard in a world,

the parallels and the serendipities do not escape me.


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