Hello Whoever You Are

All The Best episode #1807 Self-Preservation

In 1995, Greg Wilkinson wrote a letter to the future and buried it in a wall. At the time of writing, Paul Keating was Prime Minister and the internet was just getting started. Greg expected the letter to stay hidden for 60 years. He couldn’t have predicted what happened when the letter resurfaced.

With help from Laura Brierley Newton and Selena Shannon

Music: ‘Golden Hours’ by Brian Eno, ‘Sad Marimba Planet’ by Lee Rosevere, ‘How I Used To See The Stars’ by Lee Rosevere, ‘A Storm At Eilean More’ by Jon Luc Hefferman


The Boats

All The Best episode #1734 Eviction

During New Year’s celebrations, Ali leaves his home in Iran and finds himself in the middle of the ocean, in a boat fit for a museum.

With help from Bec Fary, Selena Shannon, and Rhiannon Arnold. 

Music: ‘Remember Trees?’ by Chris Zabriskie, ‘Triumph’ by Jon Luc Hefferman